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Our Services - Stress Test (TMT)

An exercise stress test is used to determine how well your heart responds during times when it’s working its hardest. During the test, you’ll be asked to exercise — typically on a treadmill — while you’re hooked up to an electrocardiogram (EKG) machine. This allows your doctor to monitor your heart rate. The exercise stress test is also referred to as an exercise test or treadmill test.

Pre-requisite- Patients should have light food at least 4 hours prior to the test. If the patient is undergoing any medication that should be told to doctor as it can change the result of the test. A relative should accompany him/her. Doctor’s prescription and ECG is mandatory. Patients must bring all previous diagnostic or operative reports & film.

Facilities at Our Centre:                                    

Ø  Non invasive cardiology.

Ø  Dedicated technology for cardiology by renowned brands like Schiller.

Ø  Stress test reports can be delivered on the same day.

Ø  Report generation status is notified to you through SMS alerts.

Ø  Report Status can be tracked from website.

Report Delivery: Report can be printed from website. Hard copy can be obtained from reception.